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The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is a government body and the largest public service department in the UK. Formed in June 2001, the DWP is responsible broadly for pension policy and social welfare.

There are four organisations under DWP

  • Jobcentre Plus: is responsible for providing services such as ‘Jobseeker’s Allowance’ and ‘Employment and Support Allowance’.
  • Disability and Care Service: supports the disabled and their carers financially.
  • The Pension Service: provides information on various pension related issues, such as Pension Credit and Basic State Pension.
  • The Child Maintenance Group: operating as CSA (Child Support Agency), it provides statutory assistance.

The DWP is responsible for tackling the root causes of poverty as well. The department encourages people to get employed and improve their lifestyle. It also supports disabled individuals and motivates them to work. One of the DWP’s major tasks is to provide pension support, and guiding them on how to save for retirement. The department also helps employees to fill vacancies.

Department for Work and Pensions has one of the most wide ranging career opportunities in the UK. With excellent employee benefits, DWP is also a preferred agency to work with among the people. The fact that DWP staff plays a crucial role in forming social development policies ensures job satisfaction as well.

DWP uses a major part of its resources for external social research. A bulk of its policy making, delivery and departmental strategies are based on studies from research. The department commissions economic and social research, from a group of approved suppliers.